I've focused my professional efforts thus far on developing expertise in the following areas. I've found, though, that it's not always easy – or useful, for that matter – to place skills in well-defined buckets. In my experience, achieving complex goals, especially as a member of a lean start-up or innovation team, has required drawing on skills across many disciplines—for example, developing and designing this site.

At Momba, I've built a brand to differentiate our unconventional approach to an industry that many U.S. consumers perceive as highly commoditized. Momba – short for "Mom (ro)bot" – is the character and voice of the Momba brand: an unwitting (but "with it") mother who wants her "kids" to feel loved and have a good time. She engages college students, our primary customers in Momba's first market, via social media and other customer service touchpoints, and we include loving notes from Momba in our branded packaging of everyday items. At Momba, we strive to create experiences that make our customers happier and property owners proud to have Momba machines onsite. Our work has garnered attention from national, community and industry media.

Prior to Momba, I was recruited to join Bullhorn, a formerly venture-backed (acq. in 2012) B2B recruiting SaaS company, to help launch Bullhorn Reach, a social media for recruitment platform, as its marketing manager (read: "growth hacker"). Early on, I worked closely with the executive and product team to help define new product concepts, validate them with customers and prospects, and solicit rapid market feedback. I contributed to authoring and executed on Bullhorn Reach's go-to-market plan, positioning, creative, content creation/SEO, and promotion. The team's early efforts resulted in surpassing our first annual target of 10,000 users in the first four months post-launch. Bullhorn Reach is now the most widely adopted social recruiting platform in the world, with well over 100,000 users in over 150 countries.

After hitting our first annual marketing target at Bullhorn Reach shortly after launch, we were quick to monetize (we launched as a free beta, and the product remains freemium). My customer development and product marketing work as Bullhorn Reach's marketing manager helped prepare me to become its first enterprise account executive. As an account executive, I closed deals with some of our first paying enterprise clients in corporate HR, a new market for Bullhorn. Among the things I learned as an account executive is that people buy solutions, not products and features. Perhaps more importantly, I also learned that most businesses – and especially SaaS businesses – live and die by a strong, well-run salesforce.

Prior to joining Bullhorn, I worked in business development and strategy at Jack Morton Worldwide, a global brand experience agency, to help generate business among current and prospective clients, which include some of the world's largest and most recognizable brands. As a member of the Jack Morton team, I was responsible for putting together more pitch decks than I care to say, and learned the nuts and bolts of prospecting, lead nurturing, pitching and account management in the world of creative agencies.

Shortly after we began selling Bullhorn Reach, we realized that there was a significant need and opportunity to develop, educate and nurture what then was a nascent market for social recruiting tools. As Bullhorn Reach's Evangelist, I led efforts to enhance both the category and product's visibility and adoption through thought leadership and community (both on- and offline) engagement. I developed webinars, multimedia sales enablement tools, video tutorials and customer training materials, in addition to speaking at a wide variety of recruiting and human resources events. I also drove adoption of Bullhorn Reach and social recruiting best practices among all of our first corporate HR clients' organizations – with sizes ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of employees – through tailored consultation.

As the Social Media Evangelist of Bullhorn, I expanded the company's market position and reputation through similar tactics – (on- and offline) community building & engagement, public relations, sales enablement and thought leadership – across the entire company. I also conceived and led execution of all social media dimensions of marketing campaigns and customer service engagement with measurable goals, maximizing social media's impact on Bullhorn's top and bottom line.

One of my many hats I've worn at Momba has been "data-driven operations manager". Through iterative analyses of our sales data I've honed in on our most successful products and product categories, identified and helped source new products, and deployed new products across machines with the help of contractor staff. The result has been a 300% lift in the average gross revenue per Momba machine since launching our first machine, with Momba machines producing 4X as much revenue as machines with similar overhead costs.

Among the other duties I handled on the operations side of Momba are retrofitting, reconfiguring, servicing and refilling Momba machines. My work on these tasks gave rise to thinking over the "systems of things" I would need to create and communicate, to ensure that other people could easily take on the work with systematized, clearly articulated training. Today many of Momba daily operations are a function of a network of third-party partners, contractors and student interns.

Beyond solving logistical challenges by finding and integrating the right partners, I'm proud of our efforts to improve our community as we've built out Momba's operations. For example, we work with Opportunity Works on Momba product packaging, warehousing our inventory, and fulfillment. Opportunity Works empowers people with disabilities with jobs in packaging and fulfillment, as well as enrichment programs. It was our great honor to be awarded Opportunity Works' 2013 Customer of the Year Award.


Beyond expertise, my ethics are an integral part of who I am, both professionally and personally. Here are some of the ethical principles that are most important to me.

Seeking the truth requires both quantitative and qualitative approaches to data and information. The truth can be counter-intuitive, so inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, and braveness – at times, flying in the face of convention – are necessary to discover it.

The oceans of knowledge beyond the pools of our personal experiences are vast. Navigating their shifting currents and surfing their ever-changing waves is one of the great adventures of life – and one that I deeply cherish. I love learning.

To “stay humbly hungry” means to constantly pursue self-improvement, while never forgetting the virtue of humility. Ernest Hemingway summed it up well: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”



I received my undergraduate degree from Harvard (AB '09), where I studied philosophy (concentration) & sociology (secondary field).


Certifications are no substitute for battle-tested experience. But I do see my certifications as one of many ways I continue to learn the most recent information on current, relevant methodologies – and to validate that I’ve retained what I’ve learned. Each certification is one of many small steps I take to further my continual, ongoing to efforts to improve my understanding and efficacy as a professional.