1. Matthew Szymczyk

    July 21, 2010
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    Thanks for your comment on the Webcam Social Shopper. Though you might find the Webcam Social Shopper experience "useless", Kinect will also not solve the problem of altering a digital asset (from an e-commerce asset database) in real-time to have clothing 'fit' on the individual. The Webcam Social Shopper is about the 'at the rack' moment so people can get a better sense of how a color might look on them, if they like a certain design, share a photo on Facebook, etc. We do have options for sizes in the application to allow for 'sizing' of the digital assets, but with today's technology - and especially one running off a standard consumer desktop - it's not feasible to alter digital assets in real-time to conform to one's body. And Kinect / Xbox 360 will not be able to do this either (despite what the initial marketing video showed awhile back.)

    You'll first start seeing this real-time 'fit' technology in a retail environment before you'll see it on a gaming console or desktop PC. Mainly because a retail environment can house a kiosk based solution that can run maximum processing power to achieve the technical challenge involved with altering digital assets against a body in real-time. You can find numerous 'concept' videos out there showing this as a 'reality' but unfortunately, it's still a few years off from living in retail and even further off from being practical in a home environment with average computing power on a PC or game console.

    On a side note, though the technology is not ready yet, there are other uses for augmented reality shopping including AR video chat (a system of which we created called ZugSTAR) which allows people to show together in real-time from anywhere in the word. This again replicates that 'at the rack' moment so someone could get instant feedback from a friend or family member on their prospective purchase - but this time in a video chat picture-in-picture format. So while 'fit' gets figured out, it doesn't mean augmented reality shopping has to wait.

    Other than that, I enjoyed the blogpost! HUI (Human User Interface) via Kinect will be HUGE and redefine gaming and gestural interaction in the digital living room. As a gaming fanatic, I can't wait for both this (and Move) as it's the next evolution in the gaming experience.

    Take care,
    Matthew Szymczyk

    • Steven

      July 22, 2010
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      Thanks for following the blog, and I really do appreciate your thoughtful post.

      That said, I apologize for my cavalier choice of words in my description of the Webcam Social Shopper. I certainly recognize and respect its value, all the hard work that went into conceiving and creating it, and the entrepreneurial spirit that's driving innovation in way that I think is going to be very important. I've actually often mentioned Zugara's Webcam Social Shopper both in conversation and in presentations as being one of the cutting edge leaders of augmented reality in retail and virtual social shopping.

      Thanks, too, for correcting my misled assumption that Kinect could solve for the case of real-time alteration of digital assets, and for giving me an update on the state of technology from the eyes of someone at the cutting edge. As a follow up question -- do you think that it would be possible to simulate a close-to-real-time shopping experience, allowing for manipulation of digital assets in recently recorded video? That is, a person records a brief clip of her moving around in front of a camera, and then shortly afterward is able to watch the clip with 'fit' clothing formed over her body. If possible, I think that type of experience would be extremely valuable.

      As I think you and most others would agree, even more important than basic design and color is how an item actually fits--especially among women consumers. Oftentimes, especially among higher end fashion brands, the differentiator is in fit of clothing, not of the design itself (e.g., designer T-shirts). While I certainly have a respect for innovation the Webcam Social Shopper has brough to the table, my own intuition is that the 'at-the-rack' experience isn't a service that's going to be too high in demand; people can tell whether they like a design and color of a clothing item by looking at a picture of it. But, it's just an intuition, and I could be wrong.

      Separately, ZugSTAR sounds like a really cool technology too, and I've got to say that I'm extremely impressed with and am a huge fan of the work you guys are doing over at Zugara. I think that this technology might be particularly relevant to sunglasses/glasses companies, given the focus (most of the time) during video chatting on the face and the 'fit' issue, which I don't think is insignificant.

      I'm really glad you enjoyed the post, Matt, and thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful response! I hope that, despite my careless description of the Webcam Social Shopper, you'll continue to follow the blog and share your insights; I certainly appreciate them. I'm excited too about both the Kinect and Move, and the different applications that developers and marketers come up with!

      Please do feel free to send me updates on the great work that Zugara's doing, and I'd be happy to cover it, if relevant.

      Rock on,

  2. Newest blog post: "Kinecting the Dots: How Microsoft's Kinect Could Be a Game-Changer" -- http://tinyurl.com/kinectLITF #kinect #microsoft

  3. Tweet Natal

    July 22, 2010
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    Kinecting the Dots: Microsoft's Kinect (once known as 'Project Natal') could be a game-changing platform, if marke... http://bit.ly/cUkV15

  4. David Morrison

    July 22, 2010
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    Kinecting the Dots: Microsoft's Kinect (once known as 'Project Natal') could be a game-changing platform, i... http://bit.ly/bZxSnZ #Follow

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      July 27, 2010
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      Thanks! I really appreciate that!

      Balancing my day job, other pursuits, my social life and this blog are pretty tough. However, I do intend to post more; it's just hard sometimes. Thanks, though for your interest, and I hope you'll continue following the blog!

      Separately, the theme is the Newspress theme by WPCrunchy, though I've tweaked with the CSS to make the aesthetics a bit more agreeable to my tastes.

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  11. Renewable Ray

    October 2, 2010
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    Why is this the first I have heard of "Kinecting"? And believe me I don't live under a rock, has mainstreet media given it the cold shoulder? Microsoft can't wither on the vine, something has to change.

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